The Sustainability Expo 2017

Sustainability Expo

Sustainability Expo 2017The Sustainability Expo is your way to become a part of the Solar Decathlon 2017. This interactive event takes place within the Solar Decathlon, includes dozens of companies from across the country, and spans multiple weekends.

The Sustainability Expo plays an integral role and helps make the Solar Decathlon a memorable experience by providing direct interaction between participants, speakers, and visitors to the event and the private sector companies developing the products and services that are leading the way in energy sustainability. Throughout the experience, consumers gather ideas to use in their own homes and learn just how easy it is to save energy, water, and resources by making smart, sustainable choices.

If you're interested in being a part of and exhibiting at the Sustainability Expo?

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

Solar Decathlon 2017
THURSDAY, OCT. 12 – SUNDAY, OCT. 15, 2017

The Solar Decathlon is living proof that bright minds can change our world for the better. This collegiate competition, made up of 10 contests, has an unparalleled reputation as a successful educational program and workforce development opportunity.

In 2017, the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is being held in Denver, Colorado. Learn more about the Solar Decathlon 2017.

Make Connections and Exhibit at the Sustainability Expo 2017!

Exhibit at the Sustainability Expo

** Booth Sales End September 15, 2017 **

Top 6 Reasons to Exhibit at the Sustainability Expo 2017

Showcase Your Brand

The Sustainability Expo gives you the unique opportunity to showcase your brand as a leader in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable solutions, to nearly 90,000 visitors over the full event.

Connect With Experts

The Expo allows you to connect with industry and academic experts in areas of energy sustainability, conservation, and clean production.

Meet the Consumers

The Expo and larger Solar Decathlon allows you to interface directly with consumers and those interested in your products, allowing you to turn consumers into brand ambassadors.

Live Demonstrations Of Technologies

The Solar Decathlon offers a live demonstration of the innovative technologies and strategies that your business potentially offers.

Grow with Tomorrow's Leaders

Meet and make a lasting impression with the leaders in tomorrow's clean energy workforce.

Media Coverage

Total media impressions exceeded 2 billion, with more than 2,500 stories and 200 onsite media for a single past event.

Past Solar Decathlon Events Gallery

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The Denver Area

The Solar Decathlon 2017 is taking place in Denver, Colorado at 61st and Peña Station, on the University of Colorado A line commuter rail near the Denver International Airport.

The Denver area, and Colorado as a whole, is the ideal setting for the Solar Decathlon 2017 and Sustainability Expo. Denver is home to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory while less than an hour away, Boulder, Colorado is home to five additional major, federal research labs. With numerous research facilities, academic institutions, and federal labs, Colorado has been at the forefront of innovative trends, and cutting edge technologies that are reshaping the way we look at energy production, consumption, and sustainability.